project description:
The Olympics brings together enormous amounts of resources at the CBC in a big effort to provide the most complete sports coverage to Canadians. One of the most exciting aspects of the 2008 Beijing Olympics website was the ability to watch a huge range of streaming live video. With up to 13 streaming channels, audience members had access to more than 10 times as much video content than what was available on regular TV alone. Over the course of 16 days, the site as a whole generated over 46 million total page views and over 3 million live streams were watched.
my role:
IA, UI development I was working as a Senior UI Architect at CBC for this project. I also worked informally as an Information Architect to design the best way to integrate program guide information and live video features into the site. Leveraging my prior work on the CBC Program Guide, I developed a front-end solution to allow people to easily find and play live olympics video programs that were of interest to them. In cooperation with back-end and platform team members, we developed an innovative front-end/back-end hybrid architecture that was both light weight and feature rich. In addition to the full broadcast schedule, I created Sport-specific "What's On today" schedules for each of the Sport landing pages.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto)

This site is no longer in production.

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