project description:
CBC's first ‘hack day’ had 5 participating teams all working independently towards the same goal: to design and build the best dashboard showcasing Digital Operations stats on plasma screens located at every elevator on all floors of the Toronto Broadcast Centre. Feeds providing analytics data were provided; other than that, each team was free to do whatever they wanted.
my role:
UX design leadAs the sole design resource on our hack day team, I quickly drafted up a design concept while the developers analyzed the available data feeds and weighed the pros and cons of potential UI frameworks. I wanted to create a design that not only clearly presented the analytics data, but also showed off the great content that CBC is known for and would be of more interest to a general audience. When I felt the design concept was at a point where the developers could start building, each developer took on a module to work on. With the remaining hours, we worked together to build and refine each part of the dashboard and in the end our efforts paid off. We won the competition! Today, the dashboard is shown next to each elevator of every floor in the building and employees can be seen getting their daily dose of news and stats as they wait for the elevator.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto)

This project can be seen only within the CBC building.

CBC dashboard screenshot CBC dashboard screenshot CBC dashboard screenshot